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Sculptural Photography

Casper Aguila's project examines the arise and decay of sculptures. By examining the steps behind the making of traditional sculptures, often read as concrete physical and fixed results, Aguila tries to showcase the change of intentions and expressions during production.

Both self-created and found unfinished or failed results act as motives for Aguila's documentary studies of unpredictable results.


Casper Aguila  (b. 1985, Denmark) Accademia Italiana, Florence. Aguila works with film, installations, sculpture, drawing and paintings. He captures nature and humans in delicate fragile situations with his both poetic and raw perspective.

Recent exhibitions include 'Future landscapes and monuments', 2021, Alice Folker Gallery, dépendance Bruxelles on Alice Folker with Linder, Thilo Heinzmann, Henrik Olesen and Philipp Haverkampf, Berlin (DE), 2020.Aguila's works have been shown at Copenhagen Photo Festival and Arles Photo Festival. ​Casper Aguila and Frederik Næblerød were nominated for the Art Critics Award 2018 (AICA Award) and awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation. His works are found in the collection of The Danish Arts Foundation.

Sculptural Photography
2 June - 22 June 2022   
part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 
Photo credit: Alice Folker Gallery

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