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Mental Make-up

Michael Thouber, director of Kunsthal Charlottenborg will make the opening speech at 17.30. In February 2021 Michael Thouber and Frederik Næblerød had conversations in Frederik’s studio.
‘If it is peace and immersion you seek from art, then you should not visit Frederik Næblerød's studio. Wildness, impulse and chaos reign there.

But when the art works are finalized and installed alone on the wall or pulled out of the oven and put on a pedestal, a spiritual calm falls over his art. And if you peel away all the noise that Frederik Næblerød loves to surround himself with and is inspired by, then his works are the key to understanding the deeper layers of him as a person and artist.

Like the bull falling alone in silence on the white canvas, and the heads sitting silent and motionless on top of each other in his totem sculptures, one suddenly understands the touching truth that in the middle of the hurricane's eye and in the midst of his many motifs of demons and fantasy figures, it is in reality in the works that both we as spectators and Frederik Næblerød himself find peace.’

Extract of Michael Thouber’s reflections of the meetings, February 2021.

Mental Make-up
28 May – 2 July 2021 
Photo credit: Alice Folker Gallery

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