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Frederik Næblerød
(b. 1988, Denmark)

Frederik Næblerød received an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2018. He works in various media including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and off-grid projects. 

In September 2023, he is presenting the solo exhibition Masquerade at Gl. Holtegaard in Holte (DK). He has previously exhibited both nationally and internationally with solo exhibitions at larger institutions in Denmark such as Vejle Art Museum, Horsens Art Museum, and Kunsthal for Maritim Æstetik. Recent duo and group exhibitions include Lazy 8 with Farshad Farzankia at The Telegraph, Czech Republic; Seriously Fun with Jeppe Hein at Jeppe Hein Studio in Berlin; Art Brussels; MISA VAN HAM powered by König Gallery in Cologne; Artissima 2021; FED LER - Krukker i kunsten nu at Gl. Holtegaard; as well as exhibitions at Philipp Haverkampf in Berlin, Politikens Forhal in Copenhagen, Kunsthalle E-Werk in Schwerin, Anat Ebgi Gallery in Los Angeles, and NADA in Miami by Canada Gallery.

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