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Little shop of extraordinary personal beauty

3 December - 15 February 2023

The group exhibition Little shop of extraordinary personal beauty is curated by artist and writer Anna Stahn, who has attempted to create an uncanny, decadent albeit more minimalistic space with works from new artists, guest artists, and permanent artists in the gallery. The exhibition lasts until mid-February 2023.


Participating artists are: Anna Stahn / Marie Rosenzweig / Frederik Næblerød / Asger Harbou Gjerdevik / Casper Aguila / Nat Bloch Gregersen / Ragnhild May / Hiu Tung Lau / Bob Eikelboom / Sophie Kitching / Theodor Nymark / Maria Zahle / Erik Hällman / Noah Umur Kanber / Tal Regev

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