Studio ThinkingHand

Studio Thinkinghand

Rhoda Ting (b. 1985, AUS)

Mikkel Dahlin Bojesen (b. 1988, DK)


Studio THinkingHand are based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They work primarily with sculpture and performative installations that decentralises the human and looks towards a co-creation and re-negotiation of a human- nature-inhuman continuum.


Engaging in an art based research practice that seeks to embody and apply a posthuman gaze that explores polyphonic and intra-relating assemblages, epistemological aesthetics and a vitalist materialist approach to subjectivity, their works seek to diffract various gazes across times, spaces, perspectives, species and scales and investigate a movement beyond traditional Humanism, towards open-ended flows of becoming.

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Alice Folker Gallery  - St. Strandstræde 19, 5.  1255 København K - - +4553603350

Opening hours Wednesday-Friday 11-17 Saturday 12-15 and by appointment 


Studio ThinkingHand