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Scaffold Softice
Casper Aguila

Casper Aguila’s solo exhibition in Alice Folker Gallery delves into the process of construction. But how can this process manifest itself within works of art? With this question, Aguila has created a series of works with inspiration from construction sites, renovation, and scaffolded subjects. Employing materials like cort-line, concrete and wood together with photographic content, the works capture various stages of construction unfolding the startup, the renovation, the undone and the unfinished. 

Sculptures in composite cement appear soft and seemingly upheld by their wooden scaffolds. Covered in a muted gray paint, the different textures and materials merge into a unified mass, designating the changeability of the construction process. With titles referring to absurd internal feelings, the anthropomorphic faces encounter the viewer with emotions of humor, sadness and pain, mocking the preposterous complexities of human life.
Similarly, Aguilas wall mounted works revolve around the themes of constructional compositions. By photographically capturing his own sculptural creations, Aguila converts the momentary arrangements into editable and one-dimensional mediums, sometimes incorporating his own hands within the snapshots, thus referring to the process of creation and the myth of the godlike artistic genius. 

Mounted on panels or canvases, the images are encapsulated by dynamic arrangements of acrylic and spray paint, extending the photographic content to a mixed media composition. By implementing artist frames of stripwood, Aguila emphasizes the craftsmanship of aesthetic production and the rusticity of constructional structures.
Casper Aguila (b. 1985, Denmark) studied fine arts at Accademia Italiana, Florence. He works with different media including film, photography, installation, sculpture, drawing, and painting. His works capture nature and humans in delicate, almost fragile situations, yet his perspective remains both poetic and raw. Through novel combinations of photography, sculpture and painting, he explores how these classical techniques are perceived, hereby making room for reinterpretations and new possibilities in the materials.

Upcoming exhibitions include MJK gallery, Tokyo and Odsherreds Art Museum. Aguila has recently exhibited with shows at Alice Folker Gallery (2023, 2022 and 2021); dépendance Bruxelles x Alice Folker (2020); Philipp Haverkampf, Berlin (2020) and Politikens Forhal, Copenhagen (2019). Furthermore, he has participated in Copenhagen Photo Festival (2022) and Arles Photo Festival (2019). ​ 

In 2018, Casper Aguila was nominated for the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art (AICA) prize together with Frederik Næblerød, and their duo exhibition Off-Grid at Alice Folker Gallery (2019) received an award from the Danish Arts Foundation. His works can be found in the public collection of The Danish Arts Foundation.

Scaffold Softice
19 January - 8 March 2024

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