News April 1st 2017

New gallery focuses on arts students


In april, Copenhagen will get a new gallery, which will present exhibitions by students and newly educated. Alice Folker Gallery is located on Esplanaden, and as the only gallery in the country, the main focus will be on artists from the Danish Art Academies. Art students from foreign schools will also be invited to exhibit in the gallery. The gallery owner, Alice Folker, sees both the benefits to the artists and buyers:



"Young promising art students get the opportunity to exhibit their works, performances and videos. It can give them experience and exposure that may be the stepping-stone for their later career. At the same time, the art scene opens up for new collectors, as the gallery sells original works at a price level where a far greater number can take part in.”


Alice Folker has been practicing as a lawyer for a number of years and has taken a subject within art history at the university. She has also attended a course at Sotheby's Institute of Art Executive Management. She is looking forward present eight solo shows annually in the gallery, which is located between Toldbod Bodega and Bistro Boheme.



"The talent at the academies is really large and I want to show this to an audience. At the same time, I give the buyers the unique opportunity to acquire works from artists who can stand on the threshold of a breakthrough. Early exposures through my gallery will hopefully give more artists a chance to show their great abilities after leaving the academies.”


First exhibition opens on April 21th and will present the works by the visual artist Alma Ulrikke Bille Stræde. She was born in 1993 and is a student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen. The exhibition "What remains... Memento Mori" is created for Alice Folker Gallery and is based on an examination of the remaining. What happens when we die? What do we leave behind? Not only the physical remaining effects such as bones, teeth, shoes, a newspaper - but also a presence or perhaps a lack of the same.




For more information contact:


Alice Folker


+45 56 60 33 50

News April 2017

Alma Ulrikke Bille Stræde

"What remains... memento mori"

use an examination of the remaining as a starting point. What happens when we die? What do we leave behind? Not only the entirely physically remaining effects, bones, teeth, a shoe, the newspaper, but also a presence, or perhaps the lack of it.


Alma Ulrikke Bille Stræde is interested in emotions and delicate feelings; the feeling that there has just been someone/something, maybe to recur in 3 minutes, 10 years, or never.


She wants to draw attention to the break, the vacuum that arises in the specific feeling. The works examines the space that emerges in the intensity in this condition of holding one’s breath. Like a refraction in a completely bright/calm water surface.


The art works are tactile and examines the sensibility and the tension that occurs in the composition of materials, surfaces and fracture – a dive into the darkness.


The definitive and the infinite that emerges in the end.

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