Nat Bloch Gregersen selected exhibitions

Public Commission  

City Court in Lyngby 2020


RB1 Polychrome


Nat Bloch Gregersen works cross-media with sculpture, light, installation, and text.

In the series of light-works under the common name Light Techniques, Bloch Gregersen has developed a special language based on a free line, which originates from bodily processing of the form.  In the meeting between the organic abstract forms and the neon media's industrial and streamlined connotations, a dualistic tension field emerges, which contains both qualities of something sharp and cold, and something soft and emotional. The light-works meet the viewers as three-dimensional sculptural elements in the room, where the light lifts the figure beyond the shape of the neon glass structures itself, blurring the boundary between the workplace and the outside world.


The title  RB1 Polychrome deals with the technical characteristics of the work in the form of the material components (gases, glass, and colors). The word Polychrome comes from Ancient Greek (poly = many and chromos = color) and is used in the meaning multicolored.


Light affects humans emotionally. With a simultaneously insistent, generous and special intangible quality, the work RB1 Polychrome invites to open dialogue with the viewer’s own body and perception.


RB1 Polychrome is Nat Bloch Gregersen's first public commission.

The work is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation 

Group Exhibition 'Little Island ' Berlin, Germany - January, February 2020 

Works by the Danish artists Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Frederik Næblerød, Casper Aguila and Nat Bloch Gregersen   


The two galleries, Philipp Haverkampf in Berlin and Alice Folker in Copenhagen, will exchange their exhibition spaces in January and early February and host each other’s exhibitions. 


Alice Folker invites four young Danes to exhibit in Berlin, all of whom have international profiles: Casper Aguila, Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Nat Bloch Gregersen and Frederik Næblerød, while Philipp Haverkampf will present a mix of the gallery’s program including Katherine Bradford, Lois Dodd, Anna Grath, EJ Hauser, Stephen Kent and others. The exhibitions will be on view until February 8, 2020. 


D–10629 BERLIN
+49 (0)30 887 166 68


JCE Biennale 2019 - 2021


Congratulations to Nat Bloch Gregersen for winning the award "Prix Spécial  « In extenso – Artiste en résidence »" as well as a residency and a solo exhibition in Paris in connection to her participation among 56 artists from around the world at the two-year old  international JCE Biennale  2019/21.

JCE Biennale  2019/21 is an international biennale that takes place in 7 countries during two years. Nat Bloch Gregersen participates with her neon work Light technique/B2 blue. 

More info about the JCE Biennale

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