Nat Bloch Gregersen

Nat Bloch Gregersen (b. 1986, Copenhagen, Denmark) is educated from The Jutland Art Academy in Denmark in 2015.


Bloch Gregersen has exhibited at Philipp Haverkampf in Berlin, Kunsthal Aarhus Sculpture Park 2017, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning 2018, Roskilde Festival 2018 and is currently selected as one of 8 Danish artists to exhibit at the international biennale for contemporary art - JCE biennale 2019-2021. Currently, she is participating in the Sculpture Biennale 'Interdimensionale 2' at Gammelgaard in Herlev and is exhibiting works in a group show curated by Mikkel Carl at Rønnebæksholm in Denmark. 


Nat Bloch Gregersen works with installation, sculpture, text and reading. Materials like silicone, resin, salt, textile and light are staged in viscous and porous installations in a three dimensional space. By working with a dualistic approach, displacements occur between form and material; the heavy and light, the invisible and visible, the fixed and liquid.

In 2019 she received the special award 'PRIX SPÉCIAL « IN EXTENSO – ARTISTE EN RÉSIDENCE »' at the JCE Biennale 2019/21. Her works are part of the collection of The Danish Arts Foundation.

She lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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