Nat Bloch Gregersen Swallowing Stones 

16 November - 15 December 2018    

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Reading by Nat Bloch Gregersen 18.00 pm


‘...I grab the stone and pull it out of the pocket. I press it against my lips and feel the teeth behind them. I slip it past the teeth and into my mouth. It must be so dark in there, in my stomach. Iswallow and find myself in a cave. The walls and the ceiling are covered in salt crystals. Here I will lick my wounds. I pull my hands and arms along the cobbled walls of the cave, back andforth. The crystals rub against my sticky palms; my arms have found a rhythm now. Like a cow’stongue licking a salt stone, slowly carving its own self care...’‘Weathering’ (2018) by Nat Bloch Gregersen

Alice Folker Gallery is pleased to present Nat Bloch Gregersen’s first solo show in Copenhagen‘Swallowing Stones’. Nat Bloch Gregersen works with installation, sculpture, text and reading. Materials like silicone, resin, salt, textile and light are staged in viscous and porous installations in a three dimensionalspace. By working with a dualistic approach, displacements occur between form and material; the heavy and light, the invisible and visible, the fixed and liquid.

With a playful approach across different media, Bloch Gregersen unfolds a layered body of workthat vibrates between the figurative and abstract, the verbal and nonverbal and word and image. The title ‘Swallowing Stones’ has grown from the sculptural works in the series ‘Synthetic Collection’. The series consists of transparent (1:1) resin sculptures of found natural stone with the ability to become self-luminous when exposed to UV lighting. The physical form of a stoneand the synthetic material characteristics create a shift in perception and cause the sculptures toinhabit a more mysterious character. In the series and in the text work questions of the physical relation between human, nature and time are in play; a desire for physical closeness and (oral)touch as a gesture of consumption and translation.

In the show Bloch Gregersen presents an installation with the fluorescent stone sculptures from ‘Synthetic Collection’ alongside silk fabric works and a series of collaborative neon works. The installatoric approach in the show revolves around the staging of layers of light and transparent materials; how they activate and penetrate each other, creating a subtle compound statement across the content of the individual works.

The neon signs have been created in a previous collaboration between Nat Bloch Gregersenand Matilde Mørk (DK) and revolves around the act of dwelling and collaborative processes. Performativity, punctuation, new age culture, bodily incentives and true’isms are investigated through an abstract sign language and the transformation from two dimensional hand drawings into three dimensional neon lights.

Nat Bloch Gregersen (b. 1986, DK) is educated from The Jutland Art Academy 2015, Kyoto University of Art and Design (JP) 2013 and the Writers School (1) at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway 2016. In 2017 she received the one year studio scholarship from Bikubenfonden and in 2017 the book ‘DIGT OG INDEKS’ was published by Catalyst Press. Bloch Gregersen has shown works at Kunsthal Aarhus (DK), Overgaden (DK), Antenna Media Gallery (JP) and made readings in Denmark, Norway and Japan.

* Photo credit: David Stjernholm. 

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