Frederik Næblerød and Casper Aguila nominated for the Art Critic Prize for AICA Denmark, 2018

Frederik Næblerød and Casper Aguila were nominated for the Art Critic Prize 2018 for AICA Denmark for their work "Korshage 2015-2016":

"The house near Korshage in Odsherred’s natural areas was situated so close to the coast that you had to go around it, if one was walking at the beach. When the autumn storm three years ago rushed through and made it habitable, the artists took over. For three years, they changed the architecture, worked from the location and exhibited their own and also other’s works. Materials were recycled and new ones arrived. The floor slanted, but was freshly painted. Mirrors and foil were placed outside to catch the ocean and the sun. A film from the project has been exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, which also tells the story that the house was originally inhabited by the poet Kai Hoffmann, who was a part of the group of artists who moved from the city to work freely from Odsherred and to be affected by the tranquility of the place. Aguila and Næblerød's project was an art storm, in the tradition of art squat, which most often takes place in cities where artists make pop-up exhibitions or work for a long time from abandoned industrial buildings.


The artists in Korshage were never officially allowed to use the house – in that way they were squatting, but in a generous way, because they took what no one else could use and made it into something that everyone was welcome to visit for as long as it lasted. Every year, the sea has flushed through and taken pieces of the house, which was finally removed at the end of 2017. The artists have raised a large white cross and have placed a bench from which one can sit and look at the sea. Natural stones from the beach is stacked in structures, and in the spirit of the project, passers-by build on the structures. It is a project that will not die and deserves recognition to insist that art, generously and sustainably, can take place in unexpected places."

(Our translation)

Casper Aguila Christoffersen og Frederik Næblerød, Korshage 2015-2016. Foto: Line Rosenvinge.

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