The Danish Arts Foundation awards Næblerød Aguila for the exhibition OFF GRID

The Danish Arts Foundation has decided to award Frederik Næblerød and Casper Aguila with 50.000 DKK for their exhibition OFF GRID  at Alice Folker Gallery. The justification for the prize is as follows:


"Partners in crime


In a veritable Lauf der Dinge the charmant joint venture between Casper Aguila, educated at Accademia Italiana in Florence and the bad boy of figurative painting, Frederik Næblerød, have reached the white cube. Almost at least.


The project was born in North Sealand (not the North Sealand) where the two kind art squats in the spirit of 68’ transformed a remote farmhouse into a total installation with paintings and sculptures outside and inside, up and down. But, as a kind of figurative Spiral Jetty in technicolor, the work really just waited for a flood to come. And now, ’Korshage (2015-2017)’ no longer exists. 


And then anyway. Because stuff has been restored and rehoused in the magnificent atelier apartment of Alice Folker, which quite appropriate, is located just behind Nyhavn. It might as well have resulted in a difficult rebirth when the crazy raw ’who has made what, where and why’ is being vacuum-packed by the gallerist in order to sale. But, and perhaps this is the real achievement, the energy is preserved exemplary due to three essentially different reincarnations of the project:


  1. Salon-style hanging incl. ceramics and dried pot plants.

  2. Straight up presentation accompanied by a desk in wooden boards for the gallerist, which nicely leads into the last room.

  3. Video documentation of the original project where chairs in ditto wooden boards offer the viewer the opportunity to contemplate.


’Korshage (2015-2017)’ was nominated for the critics prize AICA in 2018, while the exhibition OFF GRID freely unfolds within the white walls of the gallery space. Hereby, planted in the art institution, the two artists Casper Aguila & Frederik Næblerød receive 50.000 stars for sharing.


About awards from The Danish Arts Foundation

The Danish Arts Foundation unsolicited awards artists who have created a work or an exhibition of particularly high artistic quality."

In house translation of letter from The Danish Arts Foundation.

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