Mena Moskopf November 17 - January 11   

"Take a closer look through the outer space"

"It is the moment, the glimpse of a second that catches my interest.” 

The moment in between, when daily life curiosities open doors to another perception of things that always existed but only appears when you give them time. Time of delicious waiting and realising. The awkward moment of equally understanding and not understanding. Levels of self-perception in a digital age. Lenses and screens. Catching eyes with a stranger on the streets and having the feeling of knowing each other for a lifetime. This bundle of energy that suddenly appears and embraces the now.

A moment in time, a personal discovery and complete understanding. It is interesting that the glimpse of a moment is nothing in the time it happens, but it has all the knowledge in itself and needs the whole life to perceive it. Time waiting for it, waiting for the moment where inner and outer reality become one. A delicious waiting for taking the pleasure.

Working with ink on paper is similar to the way moments appear. Take a brush and set it on the surface. It’s one act and the line appears. But it takes patience to know when to set the brush. 

Mena Moskopf uses very thin paper that changes during the process, similar to the ink that appears, the paper changes the colour and gets thicker with every layer. Its covering and embracing the ink. Due to the working process, the painted image, the idea and the used material becomes one. It is no longer an image or idea fixed on a ground. The image is the ground and the ground is the image.

This way of realizing a painting is like building a complete universe in its own. It is the intellectual and sensible approach Mena is combining in her work. A touch that keeps the energy of a moment. 

The exhibition was reviewed by Jyllandsposten and received 5*****

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