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Marie Rud Rosenzweig
(b. 1991, Denmark)

Marie Rud Rosenzweig graduated with an MFA from the Funen Art Academy, Odense; Univärsitet der Künste, Berlin, and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Her works span across different media including painting, installation, photography, drawing, and text. Rosenzweig is inspired by science fiction, fairy tales, popular culture as well as people and things from her own private sphere. Through a formalistic study of figure and motif, focus in her works shifts from the human perception of things to the things in themselves. 


Rosenzweig’s exhibitions include a duo show at Golsa Gallery, Oslo (2023). Rosenzweig has recently exhibited with solo shows at Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen (2023); M100, Odense (2023); Baka’d’Busk, Copenhagen (2021); Baggaarden, Copenhagen (2020); Alice Folker Gallery, Copenhagen (2019) and FAA Room, Odense (2018). Her duo and group exhibitions include shows at Golsa Gallery, Oslo (2023); Mamoth Gallery, London (2023); Rundetårn, Copenhagen (2022) and Kunst im Hafen, Düsseldorf (2021). 


In 2023, she received the largest Danish award for painting talents, Jens Søndergaard og Hustrus Mindelegat. Her works can be found in multiple public collections, including the Danish Parliament and the Danish Arts Foundation.

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