GALLERY SWAP Haverkampf Berlin

Alice Folker Copenhagen 10 January 2020 - 8 February 2020

 Above: Asger H. Gjerdevik, left: 'Kraftwerk' 200x200 cm oil on canvas, right 'Tonight' 200x300 cm oil on canvas  - Philipp Haverkampf Gallery, Berlin 

The two galleries, Philipp Haverkampf in Berlin and Alice Folker in Copenhagen, will exchange their exhibition spaces in January and early February and host each other’s exhibitions. Alice Folker invites four young Danes to exhibit in Berlin, all of whom have international profiles: Casper Aguila, Asger Harbou Gjerdevik, Nat Bloch Gregersen and Frederik Næblerød, while Philipp Haverkampf will present a mix of the gallery’s program including Katherine Bradford, Lois Dodd, Anna Grath, EJ Hauser, Stephen Kent and others. The exhibitions will be on view until February 8, 2020. 


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