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In the Zone

The show ‘IN THE ZONE’ is celebrating the new space at Gallery Alice Folker at Esplanaden 14 with a group exhibition presenting works by 13 artists.
What is THE ZONE? Where is it? How do we get there? This exhibition investigates the zone through the philosophical notion of an Other space: an abstract space, a place of transition and transformation, a space beyond words, a place of revelation. 

Defined by their disruptive nature, these areas do not conform to customary rules and behaviors. A related concept is Foucault’s concept of ‘heterotopia’. For him these are escapes that are simultaneously part of and removed from reality. Spaces that are somehow different. And make a difference. Heterotopias are physical spaces that exist everywhere within our society offering to lead us into otherness. This notion of space somehow catches us in-between the abstract and the concrete, the familiar and the estranged. They are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet distancing themselves from what is outside. 
Since the beginning of time, human beings have been drawn to this Other space and ritualistic events combining poetry, music and dance were means of engaging with this Otherness. Through the repetition of performance and interaction, the architectural setting was first defined as a place, a ‘topos’, for the viewers. A place where the spectator could obtain epiphanies and revelations, connecting with “the other space” and thus redefining the possibilities of the 'real’ world.

In today's society, we are still searching for connection with this elusive “otherness”. We are searching for something new in a world, where the rate at which everything gets old is rapidly accelerating.
Constantly distracting ourselves, we go to familiar places looking for the NEW and EXCITING. Crawling to the beat every Friday evening, WE ARE GOING PLACES. 
Entering the exhibition we are getting IN THE ZONE caught between the familiar and the unknown. Walking around you are confronted by intuitive artworks which probe your aesthetic boundaries. Melancholic expressions of intimate scale; Abstract dreamscapes where the subconscious takes over; Ironic reflections on self-staging. An exchange between the poetic and the scientific. Some dissolve the ideas of totality and embrace the importance of the process, while others are capturing the moment. 

We are IN THE ZONE where the abstract, the concrete, the expressive and the figurative not only stand side by side in their simultaneity; They react to each other. They interact with each other, thus enacting a space of meaning in between them. 

Through painting, sculpture and installation the artists evoke the human condition and encourage the spectators to assess their own inner space. The exhibition offers the opportunity for introspection, meditation and moments of epiphany. Depends on where you choose to go. Welcome IN THE ZONE. 
The show includes work by.
Andy Kassier (1989), Anna Stahn (1994), Asger Harbou Gjerdevik (1986), Bob Eikelboom (1991), Casper Aguila Christoffersen (1985), Frederik Næblerød (1988), Gerog Haberler (1985), Helen Teede (1988), Lau Hiu Tung (1985), Marie Rud Rosenzweig (1991), Nat Bloch Gregersen (1986), Ragnhild May (1988) & Sophie Kitching (1990).
Written by Efrat Edelsten 

In the Zone 
20 August - 1 October 2022   
Photo credit: Alice Folker Gallery

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