Hiu Tung Lau It's okay to crop the sky 

6 October - 9 November 2018   


Saturday 6th October 2018, 12-15 PM


Dear L, 


I am sending you the sky. 


It is the sky of Copenhagen as I always imagined it would look like. Suppose we would see the same sky last winter but we never made it.


The sky never meant to fit in this tiny postcard anyways, so I cut it. I cut into the postcard with a pair of blunt scissors. Now it looks perfect. The rest is here and its completed.

I need to save a piece of the sky to myself so I remember how the sky looks in Copenhagen. 


I have never seen the sky in Copenhagen, tell me if it looks like the cropped sky in this postcard. 






Hiu Tung Lau (b. 1985, Hong Kong) lives and works in London. She received her MA in Painting from The Royal College of Art, London and a BFA from The School of Visual Arts, New York. She has shown works in the U.K, Ukraine and China. This is her first solo exhibition in Copenhagen.


Hiu Tung Lau’s  work is a meditation on the process of painting. Lines, colors, and forms come in when there is no conscious effort on her part. She explores experiences that had an emotional impact on her and inspired her to paint. These vary from a stranger she met, to bushes from sidewalks, to the taste of kumquat. Her work is filled with elemental and personal images, she believes her imageries would form a universal visual language with potential to relieve pleasure and suffering. Her paintings display her sensitive insight in her simple and poetic prose.

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