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Hiu Tung Lau
(b. 1985, Hong Kong)

Hiu Tung Lau (f. 1985, Hong Kong) graduated with an MFA in painting from The Royal College of Art, London and a BFA in painting from The School of Visual Arts, New York.  Her works span across various media including painting, sculpture, and performance. Through apparent simplicity and minimalist compositions, Lau attempts to convey the sea of complex human emotions. Her work can be regarded as a meditation over the process of painting where she explores experiences that had an emotional impact on her and inspired her to paint, whether it be a stranger she met, bushes from sidewalks, or the taste of kumquat.
Lau has recently exhibited at Art Basel OVR, Hong Kong (2023), Flowers Gallery, Hong Kong (2022); Alice Folker Gallery, Copenhagen (2022 and 2020); Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong (2021); Fringe Club, Hong Kong (2019) and Dyson Gallery, London (2017).


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