Frederik Næblerød "Flying away from society"

January 26 - February 25 2018 

On 26 January 2018, we open Frederik Næblerød’s exhibition “Flying away from society”.


Flying away from society is a series of oil paintings created on wood in 2017. The paintings reflect on several ways of escaping: through the atmosphere, into the darkness, behind a mask, into the ocean – or even out of the ocean. Gravity is being eliminated. Though there is darkness depicted in several of the paintings, there is also light, perhaps searching for something or anybody out there.


Frederik Næblerød (b. 1988, Denmark) works in various media: oil- and acrylics, glue, polyfilla, plaster, paintings, drawings, appropriations, sculptures and off-grid projects. Though  his works are expressive and sometimes grotesque a reference to society can often be found, being environmental as the project “Korshage”, social/political as the project “Memorial flag” or even as a comment on artworks as objects covered in gold and subject to desire as in “Addicted to sex”. 


Frederik Næblerød’s oil paintings were shown at NADA art fair in Miami in December 2017 by Canada Gallery (NYC) and his ceramic sculptures are currently part of the exhibition “The Brask Collection”, at J.F. Willumsen museum in Frederikssund.  

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