Albin Werle, Anna Stahn,  Asger H. Gjerdevik, Coline Marotta,

Côme Clerino, Frederik Næblerød, Mena Moskopf 

"Drawings"  18 August - 27 September 2018 


Saturday August 18th 2018, 13-16 PM


This group exhibition brings together seven young artists who utilize drawing as a point of play, and see the exercise as a space to reinvigorate an image or realize an idea.


All of the artists involved use a variety of different materials paper, ink, oil, wax,  pastel, paint,  graphite and ceramics. Through these various approaches this exhibition will examine the concept of a drawing pushing it beyond the pencil and paper. 


The drawings expose the first immediate thoughts and ideas that the artist is grappling with, allowing you a sincere look in to their process, thoughts and the underlying themes of their work. The space when creating a small drawing is intimate (from hand to head) and the process is raw as each stroke is irreversible. 

Albin Werle works with conceptual art: games which are manifested in among other ceramic sculptures on which he draws motifs and figures in miniature. This visual world contains references to both computer games, science fiction and magic tradition and created in simple colours. He will translate these inspirational sources to drawings for the exhibition.


Anna Stahn’s practice relate to film, literature and performance. But for this show, she lays her thought and ideas bare and really lets us explore her visual mind through drawings. During Anna’s stay at Parsons Fine Art in NYC she created an entire wall of drawings which she has documented and re-made in the series Fabrikka  which she has mounted in her own handmade frames. 


Asger Gjerdevik’s drawings explores a new side to his practice, where for the most part he abandons oil painting for various media on brown paper. But much like his paintings these works on display combine a narrative and a visual together in raw collages.


Coline Marotta often depict figures that appear relaxed, situated in nature or peaceful interiors. Her lines appear effortless, putting the viewer at ease. Her free flowing painting technique translates to her drawings on display in the exhibition. But here the use of wax-pastels and colour-pencils help to reveal her painting process and her understanding of colour through a more concentrated colour palette in these works. 


Côme Clèrino explores various ideas of materiality, juxtaposing otherwise separate ideas of light, depth, flatness and texture to work together harmoniously. The perfect balance of these tonalities and abstract forms showcases his understanding of colour and pattern. This also pushes concept of ‘a drawing’ to new places where materials experimentation become part of the drawing. 

Frederik Næblerød uses various different mediums including sculpture and painting. Energy is a major theme of his work, either through his use of colour or the bold marks he makes. These same techniques translate into the drawings that he will present in the exhibition. 


Mena Moskopf works with daily life, self-perception and time. Her works are made with ink on paper. It captures that moment you draw. She uses very thin paper that changes during the process because the paper changes the colour and shows the process of the drawing. 

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