7 November 2019 - 14 December 2019

Daniel Hauptmann - Nampo-dong

Nampo-dong, a popular shopping area in the district of Busan in South Korea where copies of fashionable sneakers and fake luxury brand bags sparkle in the lights of the neon signs.


Staged in this referential frame Hauptmann's series of works raises questions about the perception of authenticity, artificiality and imitations.


His works are hybrid, material webs, which supported by their titles, appear as prints, fragments and visual interpretations of natural and recognizable phenomena such as an architectural structure, material, a sound or the surface of a tree.


Hereby Hauptmann forms an imaginative play that points on the constituting power of language and the mimetic principle embedded in the artificial nature of art.

Daniel Hauptmann has studied at the art academy in Hamburg in the class of Anselm Reyle for 7,5 years. Hauptmann combines everyday and often construction materials into well-composed paintings in a synthesis of lyrical, informal and expressive collage. He is represented by Philipp Haverkampf Gallery in Berlin, where he lives and works.

 Above: Hum, Daniel Hauptmann, 2019, acrylic and linen on styrodur, 32cm x 28,5cm

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