Casper Aquila Christoffersen

Casper Aquila Christoffersen (b. 1985, Denmark) is a hybrid artist who works with installations, sculptures and photo. He captures nature, humans and objects in delicate and fragile situations, while his perspective is at the same time both poetic and raw. 

His works often hold a conceptual mixed media approach where he collects different materials and puts them together. Latest seen in his monumental exhibition at Alice Folker Gallery were cord, stoneware and wood was used to form sculptures. The works share monumental and historical references, often questioning things in an alternative way and new directions around the media.

His works have been shown in various galleries in Europe.
Recently at Philipp Haverkampf in Berlin, Politikens Forhal in Copenhagen and Arles Photo Festival in France. In 2015 Casper Aguila started his many travels to Marseille, he joined a local artist collective whom he worked with on several projects and exhibitions. The capital of Provence inspired him to work with Human vs. Land and Marseille has given him insights in how landscape and humans interact and develops through

a multicultural society based on its geographical location.

In Copenhagen he collaborated with Frederik Næblerød on Landscape installations and Film projects. Casper Aguila and Frederik Næblerød were nominated for the Art Critics Award 2018 (AICA Award) and awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation in 2019. A book about the project is currently being made with a foreword written by Mikkel Bogh, the director of SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark. Works from his series “Body Sculptures” and “Together as One” are in the collection of The Danish Arts Foundation.

He lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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