Group exhibition May-June 2020: Asger Gjerdevik, Anne Torpe, Casper Aguila, Daniel Hauptmann, Jakob Steen, Julie Riis Andersen, Frederik Næblerød, Marie Rosenzweig, Hannah Nielsen, Hiu Tung Lau, Nat Bloch Gregersen, Ragnhild May, Studio ThinkingHand, Viktoria Wendel Skousen 


Exhibition period 15 May – 20 June 2020

“The arts are essen­tial to any com­plete national life…”

Winston Churchill stated at at a Royal Academy Banquet, April 30, 1953 that “The arts are essen­tial to any com­plete national life. The State owes it to itself to sus­tain and encour­age them…Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the rev­er­ence and delight which are their due.”

What is art and why do we need it? There are as many different answers to this question as human beings on Earth. Because art is individual and overall. It is communication which rises above language and the reading differ from one person to another. Art can be political, non-political, feminine, masculine, poetic, musical, personal, conceptual, synthetic, organic, humoristic, surreal, beautiful, repulsive, immaterial, emotional, spiritual, religious, expressive, minimalistic, abstract, narrative – the list can be continued in your head. Art can make us curious and help us understand history and different cultures, art can touch us, and it can provoke us, art can make us happy or sad. Art can make us think. We hope to continue this discussion and to celebrate Art for Art’s sake.  

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