"I'd rather choose something for its texture than for its taste", Coline Marotta

September 15 - October 28 2017

Some danish summer paintings thinking about the southern life.​

They depict times and places where characters are being extremely bored, by simply wanting endless moments of boring hedonism, boring desire for a break, getting locked in a vacation vacuum. It is hard to be in one's body, wanting to be content but it can be difficult to tolerate staying in the comfort, too.

So they play around, stretch their half painted bodies, hope to find some ways to fool themselves.

Not so far from how they feel, I allow my silly impulses to get out. My friend Una says that it is not sane to hold back on impulses. The painting can be seen as naive, and maybe clumsy but that is only because even in the studio, it is difficult to get rid of all the personal package, it does not just take a bike ride. Anyway, how can you even separate the life from the work, you know. Who am i kidding.

And naturally, the works happen to be very much about what they are surrounded with. I like to think that they are more about their context than what they actually contain. They know all the secrets, what exist around them. My friend's pregnancy, Belgian rappers, the break up(s), so much love (i was told it was very french, so what can I do), summer under grey clouds, ocean frustration, the sound of the prayers downstairs, Giotto everyday three times a day, so much restlessness, more love i guess. Plus more.

And by the way, does it smell grass or gas oil when they mow the lawn?

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