5***** Review of Asger Gjerdevik's exhibition Dive

Asger Gjerdevik, Dive, 2018

The nationwide newspaper Jyllands-Posten reviewed Asger Gjerdevik's exhibition Dive (26 June 2018) and gave the exhibition 5 *****: 

"(It is certainly not every day that you encounter a Danish artist who is educated at the prestigious art school Saint Martins in London and  who has afterwards graduated from the Royal College of Art. Looking at the exhibition at Alice Folker Galley, one understands why the 31-year-old Asger H. Gjerdevik has become a requested name in the world of art within a short time frame. Here we have an artist  who all at once is unique in his expression and who draws on the knowledge and experiences of his artistic predecessors.


The exhibition has been titled "Dive", inspired by the fresco of a diver discovered in 1968 in the southern Italian city of Pæstum in a tomb of 470 BC. We see the diver in one of the paintings, but the diving references go far beyond the purely literal. First, Asger H. Gjerdevik draws on the metaphysical and religious aspects of the word: the jump into the unknown, from one (earthly) sphere to another (mythical and transcendental). Secondly, the different ways to dive into something are investigated in his works."

(Tom Jørgensen, Jyllandsposten. Our translation.)

Kunsten.nu have reviewed Asger Gjerdevik's exhibition Dive (May 2018): 

"(...) But let it be said right away: the young Gjerdevik is a really good painter. His expressive paintings sprout of life and color, and the viewers never gets bored. Although he does not really bring new to the old category, the whole project seems both veracious and experienced." (our translation)


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