Asger H. Gjerdevik "Dive" 

May 19th 2018 

Asger H. Gjerdevik: "Lady Luck", 2017-18, oil on dark linen, 200 x 160 cm

There is a leap - a transformation - from sculpture models consisting of organic materials such as rope, cardboard and wax to the final unique bronze sculptures. The organic models are molded into a ceramic shell, after which fire is added to them ("lost wax technique"). It is unpredictable whether there will be remnants and traces of the original organic model and how it will be reflected. Each part of the process leaves traces that are forever preserved in the imperishable bronze. The imprint can be seen as archaeological marks that refers to different periods in the formation of sculptures.


Archaeology is also present in the exhibition title Dive. It refers to a detail in the archaeological monument Tomb of the Diver from about 430 BC, which was found in the city Paestum in 1968, which at that time belonged to Greece, but today is a part of southern Italy. It is until now the finest example of the Greek antiquity art’s fresco painting. The motive shows a man who throws himself off from a cliff to dive into the waves.


The leap that happens in a Dive is down and on deep water. It is isolation from

the world where the body is by itself in the exploring. Dive is an immersion. The plot represents the courage to jump into the uncertain while there may be a latent fear of the outcome.


Asger H. Gjerdevik's works can be characterized by his ability to combine it narrative and the visual. Both the oil paintings and the bronze sculptures are composed of quotes, and they have numerous levels both visually and intellectually. They are rich in visual depth and open several spaces. Asger tells stories and one can go exploring in his works. He treats themes such as loneliness, loss, desire and longing, but also humor and curiosity.


Asger H. Gjerdevik (b. 1986, Denmark) is educated from Central St. Martins in London, and in the spring of 2017 he graduated from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.

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