Anna Stahn 

Anna Stahn (b. 1994, Denmark) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in 2020 with a semester at Parsons Fine Art, The New School in New York. Stahn is a co-founder and editor of the art press Longetti. She has been awarded several scholarships, exhibited in Danish and international group shows, and published texts for a series of literary and cultural journals.

Lately, Stahn was part of the exhibition ’Vaser og krukker i dansk samtidskunst’ at Gl. Holtegaard in Holte, Denmark. She presents her first solo show ’Stars in the hair’ at Alice Folker Gallery in March 2021.


Stahn has an archiving (and literary) approach to the work - stacking, pilling all the traces that she herself has created to detect vanity and trough vanity, also the intimate. Her figures and sculpting, the teeny-tiny feminine figurines are both stilted and fragile at the same time. Stahn draws a very physical universe, materializing feelings spanning pettiness, humiliation, nervous- and awkwardness, lust, desire, greatness, and power. 


Stahn works in plural and it is by creating situations, vibes and through her staging of crumpled awkwardness of being in an inescapable and material world, that she, with humoristic sensibility mimic both the casual and the absurdity of understanding any kind of interior as social and the body - just another thing to furnish around with.

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