Alma Ulrikke Bille Stræde / 21 April - 2 June / "What remains... memento mori"

Alma Ulrikke Bille Stræde


What remains... memento mori

use an examination of the remaining as a starting point. What happens when we die? What do we leave behind? Not only the entirely physically remaining effects, bones, teeth, a shoe, the newspaper, but also a presence, or perhaps the lack of it.


Alma Ulrikke Bille Stræde is interested in emotions and delicate feelings; the feeling that there has just been someone/something, maybe to recur in 3 minutes, 10 years, or never.


She wants to draw attention to the break, the vacuum that arises in the specific feeling. The works examines the space that emerges in the intensity in this condition of holding one’s breath. Like a refraction in a completely bright/calm water surface.


The art works are tactile and examines the sensibility and the tension that occurs in the composition of materials, surfaces and fracture – a dive into the darkness.


The definitive and the infinite that emerges in the end.

Review of the exhibition by Lisbeth Bonde:

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